Don't care about grammer or spells from the sentences,just see and feel something.I just write down out of air.

How will Rakuten be ? 楽天はどうなる?

Rakuten is trying to buy out TBS as u know.But it hasn't go well.What's the problem?Because Mikitani is selfish?,or because TBS is an old company?

i think,however,either way TV and Internet will join by next year.
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What's "わっとえばーイングリッシュ"?

This blog is for (of course me and) people who wants to use English.So if u want to use English,welcome.Mistaking doesn't matter at all,cause we are studying it now.
Of course,i will mistake much,because i just put a word which comes to my brain.So u can practice English as well as i can.

Anyway,it depends on u (and i) to do or not to do.

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